Arthur Wolk

A pioneer in the field of aviation law, Arthur Wolk, Founder of The Wolk Law Firm in Philadelphia, has won multimillion dollar settlements against some of the biggest names in the airline industry and aircraft technology arena.

Aviation Law
Since focusing his attention on air law more than 35 years ago, attorney Arthur Wolk has handled the legal disputes of pilots, crew, and passengers involved in numerous aircraft disasters around the country. Juries have ruled in favor of Arthur Wolk’s clients in hundreds of groundbreaking cases involving corporations like Piper Aircraft, Inc., Cessna Aircraft Company, The Boeing Company, and General Electric Company, to name a few.

Verdicts & Settlements More Than A Billion Dollars
Arthur Wolk’s long list of successes includes the 1989 Murray v. General Electric Company trial, where a flight attendant of United Airlines flight 232 claimed she had developed post-traumatic stress disorder when the plane crash-landed. A record-breaking $1.3 million award from the jury propelled Arthur Wolk into the national spotlight, particularly through the news program Larry King Live. In addition, Arthur Wolk received nationwide respect for correctly assessing why the DC-10 had failed, shortly after the event actually happened.

In 1990, Arthur Wolk fought for the family of four victims of a single-engine plane wreck in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Arthur Wolk and his litigation team proved that Teledyne Technologies Inc. was responsible for the crash, due to a defective device the industrial conglomerate had manufactured. Arthur Wolk’s litigants were rewarded $107 million.

Arthur Wolk’s handling of the 2001 Cassoutt v. Cessna Aircraft Company litigation resulted in the largest verdict ever awarded for an aviation collision. In the case, a Pensacola, Florida, jury determined Cessna Aircraft Company guilty of building unsafe pilots’ seats and fined the aircraft manufacturer $480 million to cover the compensatory and punitive damages of three severely injured fliers.