About Us

The Wolk Law Firm continuously invests in talented lawyers dedicated to the practice of air crash litigation for plaintiffs.
For the past 35 years, The Wolk Law Firm has nurtured and developed this highly specific area of the law, offering our clients considerable resources, including a formidable team of skilled professionals dedicated only to their interests.
Our clients want and deserve answers and resolution to the many levels of crisis they face following an aviation disaster. They deserve to be treated with compassion, understanding and consolation. We take these needs seriously, and our attorneys are always available to provide the answers and consolation so important at such a critical time.
The Wolk Law Firm is and always has been dedicated to one goal. We must ease the pain for our clients. We must be there for support when called upon and we must obtain a result that helps raise the children, comfort the family and guarantee a legacy that the victim would have wanted.
We pledge to our clients that we will always do our very best to achieve that goal.

Our Attorneys

Arthur Alan Wolk

Arthur Alan Wolk is the founding partner of The Wolk Law Firm in Philadelphia. For more than 35 years, The Wolk Law Firm has concentrated its practice in the area of aviation law, with Arthur personally generating verdicts and settlements of nearly $1 billion during the last decade alone. He is known for obtaining and on appeal, holding, the largest verdicts for each type of air accident claim in recent aviation history.

As a result of his seasoned courtroom skills, aviation industry savvy and technical aircraft knowledge, Arthur has been named to the steering committees of every major airline disaster in which The Wolk Law Firm has represented victims. Such notable cases include: United Airlines 232, Sioux City, Iowa, DC-10; United Airlines 585, Colorado Springs, CO, B-737; USAir 427, Aliquippa, PA., Pittsburgh, B-737; Comair 3272, Monroe, MI, (Detroit), EMB-120; Swissair 111, Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, MD-11; EgyptAir 990, near Nantucket, MA, Boeing 767; and Alaska Air 261, Port Mugu, CA, MD-83.

Bradley J. Stoll

Bradley J. Stoll joined The Wolk Law Firm as an associate in 2003. Brad earned his J.D. from Temple University’s Beasley School of Law in 2002. He received his B.A. in 1997 from the University of Maryland at College Park. Brad is admitted to practice in the state and federal courts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In addition, he is admitted to the bars of the United States Courts of Appeal for the Third, Ninth, and Eleventh Circuits.

Cynthia M. Devers

The Wolk Law Firm had the pleasure of welcoming Cynthia M. Devers to its litigation team in 2008. Cyndi began her career at the Wolk Law Firm five years earlier when she was hired as a clerk who had high ambitions to go to law school. She pursued her goal with vigor and entered the night law school program at Rutgers University School of Law while working full time at The Wolk Law Firm. During her tenure as a law clerk by day and a law student by night, Cyndi showed her dedication to the firm and became involved in every aspect of complex aviation product liability litigation throughout the entire four years of her legal education. Cyndi exhibited an enthusiasm and natural gift for understanding and tackling complex legal issues like subject matter jurisdiction of the federal courts and aviation victims' rights under the General Aviation Revitalization Act. Her talent, confidence, and charisma guided her on her way to receiving responsibility for overseeing entire logistics for preparation of trial and partaking in decisions on litigation strategy.